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Action-Packed ‘Seoul Vibe’ Gets Trailer and Release Date on Netflix

High-octane Seoul Vibe features breathtaking driving sequences, popping visuals, and a groovy soundtrack making a feast for the senses

Bradley - Wed, 10 Aug 2022 08:19:02 +0100 4165 Views
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Netflix has revealed a new trailer for the Korean-language movie ‘Seoul Vibe.’ The action blockbuster packed with thrills and adrenaline-fueled scenes, ‘Seoul Vibe’ will release on August 26 on Netflix, worldwide.

Seoul Vibe is an action-packed blockbuster revving with the pulse-pounding chase. The drivers of the Sanggye-dong Supreme Team become sank in the slush fund probe of a powerful person on the precious day of the 1988 Seoul Olympics opening ceremony. With all eyes of the world on Seoul with the pending Olympic Games, the turmoil in the city provides suitable timing for moving illegal funds. The special operation to chase the money spindles in baby drivers with marvelous drifting skills.

The summer of 1988 finds South Korea gripped by Olympic fever as Seoul prepares to host the big event. In the days running up to the Summer Olympics, a group of drivers and mechanics known as the "Sanggye-dong Supreme Team" uncovers some suspicious activity involving a VIP slush fund.

Together, Yoo Ah-in (as Dong-wook, the supreme driver with perfect drifting skills), Koh Kyung-Pyo (as John Woo, the club DJ), Lee Kyu Hyung (as Bok-nam, the human navigator), Park Ju-hyun (as Yoon-hee, the talented motorcyclist) and Ong Seong-wu (as Joon-gi, the mechanic) will uncover the truth behind a massive money laundering ring. You can find the complete cast and character description here.

At the helm is director Moon Hyun-sung who has forged solid works with the films like The King's Case Note. Pumped up by the enthusiasm of the 1988 Seoul Olympics and the rhythmical beat of old-school hip hop, the Netflix film Seoul Vibe guarantees to drive up adrenaline levels with the thrill of the pursuit and old-fashioned drifting action.

Action fans will like the film's intense driving sequences, which feature fascinating retro vehicles complete with screeches and track marks that will have your pulse racing. Director Moon Hyun-sung says: ”When choosing the exterior look of the vehicles, we wanted to aim for hip-hop and retro feel. I like to call this a ‘hip-tro’ vibe.” Seoul Vibe is also packed with colorful visuals, funky music, and retro fashion that bring the trendy 1980s to life.



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